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Wine & Chocolate "Cloud 9" Gift Set

  • Pause to honor the leaders who make everything possible with The Wine & Chocolate "Cloud 9" Gift Set from Monthly Sommelier. This set is a token of appreciation for those deserving recognition. It includes a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered coffee beans, a bar of dark chocolate, a dark chocolate hazelnut bar, a collection of various chocolate bars, a large dark chocolate truffle box, and a marble serving board. Personalize this gift even further by adding your choice of wine, beer, champagne, snacks, desserts, and more from our custom options. Show your gratitude with this delightful and indulgent gift set.

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    Wine- Bottle of Wine : This gift includes a bottle of red wine.

    - 2 Fontana (Wine Glasses) ; Enjoying beverages just got better with the Fontana wine glass. Featuring delicate decorations that curve around the shape of the glass in a slight swirl, this glass will elevate every drink.

    Truffles- Boss Assorted Chocolate Truffles :Try something new with these Boss chocolate truffles. Bursting with flavour, these truffles are an excellent way to explore your indulgent side.

    Chocolate- Boss Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans 150g : Elevate a coffee break with these decadent dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Experience a bittersweet treat that is sure to banish those late afternoon thoughts of naptime! 150g

    Chocolate Bar - BOSS 50% Dark Chocolate Bar Envelope 100g : For dark chocolate lovers, BOSS has the 50% cacao dark chocolate bar that will satisfy all your bittersweet cravings.100g

    Chocolate Bar
    - BOSS Dark Chocolate Bar (Hazelnut) 60g : Few things go better together than chocolate and hazelnut! Sweet and creamy chocolate combine in this dark chocolate bar for a decadent sweet treat that's sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 60g

    Chocolate Bars- BOSS Dark Chocolate Bar Collection Box 180g : Perfectly balanced between bitterness and sweetness, BOSS has created the perfect dark chocolate bar collection for an indulgent gift that is sure to please. 180g

    Truffles - BOSS Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment 240g : For a treat that's worth indulging in, BOSS has delivered the Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment of your dreams. Featuring an excellent selection of truffles, this box is perfect for sharing. 240g

    Serving Board - Marble Serving Board :
    This stunning Marble Serving Board is a perfect way to host your perfect party. Display an assortment of food on this unique patterned board that adds an extra flair to your presentation. Metric - 32 x 18 x 1.3cm Imperial - 12.6 x 7.1 x 0.5in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Roberta Mello
In Love with YORKVILLE'S

I will definitely use them again and again—creative packages for all tastes, flavors, and cultures. It was beautifully arranged, and the delivery time was impressive!
The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that I wish I could call and speak to a live person about my inquiries or at least receive an immediate answer on the chat during business hours. But still, they more than made up for it with the impact my gift made on the recipient.

Rabia Williamson
We'll continue to do so.

Very small gripe, as I enjoy these so much I wish I had more of them. Either way, if someone receives this package, they're going to enjoy them and be happy.

Koa Lu
Highly recommended.

Very efficient, fast and polite customer service! Very quick in resolving issues too! Highly recommended! Very awesome international service!

Adam Turner
5 star

Well, La Dee Da!