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Recipient loved the items in the basket.
However, I ordered with the assumption that it would be delivered next day. It was not received until several days later, which was not ideal as the recipient was out of town.

Ordered a cake got a mashed potatoes

3 days late for my brothers birthday, delivered in a mashed potatoes form, warm and melted. Felt embarrassed when I got a photo. Cake went in to the trash right away. Customer service is ignoring my full refund demand.

Terribly disappointed and feeling to have been tricked

1. was supposed to have 3 bottles of wine contained only the upgraded ones.
2. was supposed to include fruit - no fruit in this basket.
3. Was supposed to contain matzes - no matzes
4. All items for Pesach were suposed to be kosher for Pesach: at least I didnot see on the bottles or cheeses any kosher for Pesach signs.
4. the so called large bouquet of flowers was small and many of the flowers were nearly finished.
5. A very poor computer print out on cheep paper as a greeting card.
In short 2 bottles of wine + 2 cheeses + small basket + flowers that could be thrown away 2 days after delivery and all this for $200 is a complete rip-off!!
I do hope to get your response on this + what you suggest to do for remedy!

Delivery not as website checkout

Customer service response poor.

Delivered 2 days late. Guests were no longer at the hotel.

Tasty baked goods but not what I ordered

The products were of high quality, but items delivered were not what I ordered.

Not delivered on time

Was supposed to be delivered on April 16 for a birthday, wasn't delivered by April 18, at which point customer service was unavailable due to the easter long weekend. Still no idea when it will be delivered, won't use this service again.

Disappointing “craft beer”

Purchased the “beer a year” for my boyfriends birthday. When we received it there were beers smashed and the box was all stained from the beer. We contacted customer service( through email, they don’t answer their phones, was on hold for an hour and a half) and they responded very quickly and shipped us a new crate with replacement beer. The replacement beer had a few different beers but shipping an unsatisfied customer a Budweiser or Richards Red is disappointing. The crate itself is awesome. But I think I would shop elsewhere next time because there wasn’t a great variety of “craft beers” which is what your paying for. Not general liquor store beer.

The worst basket delivery company of all time

Not only was the delivery basket 1 week late for my bestfriend's 35th birthday, but they also delivered contents that I didn't order and that my bestfriend is allergic to. They said under they're "substitution Policy they retain the right to substitute items without notifying you because they are too busy". Substitution is fine, but what if they choose something that the recipient can't eat or doesn't like? They were not too busy to deposit my money right away, but too busy to send an email to ask if it was okay to make a substitution. DONT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Received Wrong Plant

Ordered Succulent, received Orchid. Followed up, was told that as per terms and conditions they can send whatever plant they want, no matter what you order. Poor customer service overall.


By the time the cupcakes reached me because of poor packaging... they were all turned upside down and a mess. Do no have cupcakes sent via mail as this company uses bakery type thin boxes with no security in packaging. I order from another cmpany without issues because they use hard boxes and secure the items so they do not fall over........ As far as taste, they were good but they were somewhat stale by the time they reached me. Otherwise Ok... but would not order again.


The delivery was smooth and my friend was very pleased with the arrangement. It was delivered on the scheduled date. I’m very pleased with your service. Your arrangements are affordable and lovely.

Different items received

I wasn't sent the beers I requested nor did I receive any dips I also requested. If they are out of something, it would make sense to me to contact the person who ordered it to see if they want to cancel or select something else. Not worth the cost this time.

Won’t buy anything from here again

I already sent an email but this whole experience was beyond disappointing. The delivery date was wrong (my fault), I accidently set it for a week after I needed it- Yorkville “No cancellations”. Ok- so I had to update the ship address with no mention from Yorkville that my new address was not within their next day shipping radius. I get my order and they sent me truffles, not chocolate covered strawberries. When you go read their “fine print” I’d does mention that they will sub, but it is absolutely ridiculous it does not say that somewhere you can plainly see when ordering. It’s also ridiculous that their customer service rep did not say anything when the delivery address was changed. I paid $65 for chocolate cover strawberries because their site said they were vegan, I wanted chocolate covered strawberries instead I got truffles that didn’t appear to be vegan as they upset my wife’s stomach and honestly weren’t very good. I won’t ever order anything from here again.


Exactly as expected!

poorly communicated shipping policy

This website does an atrocious job of delineating their shipping policy. I was trying to order a gift for my husband while out of town. I was furious to have paid so much for a gift that was delivered FIVE DAYS after he left the hotel.

Easter Gift Baskets

Finally a place in Toronto that offers quality and personalized gift baskets. Up to now, I have had to buy items at several locations and put them together for a gift basket. This offers a nice selection for adults and children.

Gift basket great; customer service bad

The basket was as described and very good. However, getting in touch with customer service is a challenge. I made a mistake with my original order. I noticed right away and tried to make a change. After trying very hard, I finally got someone to respond. It was within 30 minutes of making my order, but he said the order had been "processed" and could not be changed - even though it was not being shipped until the next day. I was treated poorly.

The cake arrived completely smashed and was inedible. We called and your company made it right.

great basket except for the broken cake..

Everything was great but the cake.. I received an email offering me to re-send another cake instead, but since the birthday has passed, it was no longer relevant.

Contents not as ordered

The recipient has just received my customised gift. I can’t say basket as although I thought I’d pick a the category of wicker on the order form I hadn’t specified which type.
This seems to be a software problem that allows an order to go through without a container but states one must be selected when ordering! I tried to add the basket but was emailed the order had been sent! It arrived in a cardboard box, the items in dull corrugated cardboard and definitely not the presentation I expected for spending over £60GBP.
What is equally galling are the contents are not as ordered. The cheese was not Camembert but Arla Havarti which is totally different and a very poor substitute. Instead of Biscotti there was a second packet of crackers! I consider that again a cheap substitute.Instead of hummus there were toffees?! I realise substitutions need to be made sometimes but these were obviously cost cutting and cheaper alternatives. Will I use this company again? Would you?

Disappointing Bouquet with Bad Customer Service to match

Trusting an online service like Toronto Blooms was a nightmare come true! Never again!

Unfortunately, the bouquet delivered two weeks ago for my Aunt’s birthday looked nothing like what was pictured. Zero flowers were purple, fusia or pink. The bouquet that was delivered had 6 dark red roses, with 1 blue hydrangea and lots of white buds all over. Definitely not worth the $75 order total (minus the $15 delivery fee). The order was to have cupcakes sent with the flowers and those never came.

To make it an even more unfortunate situation, when emailed Toronto Blooms did not apologize for the mix up, they only apologized for my dissatisfaction and followed through with reiterating their Terms of Service that states they reserve the right to substitute original items and upon purchase, I agreed I am not entitled to a refund regardless of the service.

Try your luck! Toronto has far more reliable florists that are genuinely have hard working people, true florists that stand by their brand and actually value their clients! The florists with shops offer exceptional customer service that can guarantee the delivery of what you order with much better crafted selections. I have since ordered from Botany Floral Studio in Toronto and will also order from Wild North Flowers — gosh what a relief! No more risky orders and no more embarassing deliveries with my name on it!

Great option and service; expected way more of presentation.

Even though there’s an good variety of products and service is quiete efficient, presentation of the final product was nonexistent as items were all delivered one by one.

Still a good basket.

This wasn't what I had ordered but it was still a great basket.

Horrible! Wish I could give 0 stars!

SO, my daughter lives in Canada. I live in the US. I wanted to surprise her with a birthday gift because I couldn't be there for her birthday. Last year our family suffered a catastrophic tragedy - lost our home and a son in a fire - and I wanted her birthday to be special. I chose Hazeltons because it was in her area and I thought it better to give my business to a "local" company rather that a huge corporation. I was SO wrong!

I ordered strawberries in an apple basket; an aloe plant; and a chocolate cake and filled out three gift cards. I also chose the delivery day (her actual birthday - I had ordered four days ahead). Hazeltons did not deliver one single item that I ordered and instead substituted each item, charged me more money (for less of a product) AND they delivered it all a day early and with only one card.
Instead of strawberries in an apple basket, they delivered strawberries in a coffee mug.
Instead of chocolate cake, they delivered vanilla.
Instead of an aloe plant, they delivered a cactus.
And the only card she got was the one I filled out from her pets.

I took the time to carefully choose each gift based on sentimental reasons, her likes, and the cost. Hazeltons gave me NOTHING that I ordered and then overcharged me.
I sent several emails and received one response that told me that the reserve the right to change prices; they reserve the right to substitute; they are too busy to notify customers if this happens; they pretty much said too bad. I was so angered that I am notifying my credit card company and the BBB in Canada/US.
Fair warning folks....buy elsewhere!