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No notification of early delivery caused issues, no card included even though requested and no writing on cake as requested. Very disappointed that such errors were made on an order over $200. Will not use again

Horrible customer service

Did not receive upgraded wine that I ordered and paid for .you are refusing to correct your error

Red Velvet Cake
Jilan Moshey
Red velvet cake

Pretty bad look it was really smashed and also payed extra delivery fee didn’t arrive the same date I requested bad cake not recommended at all

Jeffrey Sparkes

We received a basket from a friend and loved it. We decided to order one for my nephew and he loved it too. I'm such a huge fan of Yorkville and highly recommend them ! You won't be disappointed at all.

Web Site needs work

I spent a lot of time placing the order only to have the credit card page not work.

Didn’t even receive the cinnamon loaf

Ordered this gift with some extras added on to create a custom basket. Only some of the items were included and the cinnamon loaf wasn’t even included in the basket. Very overpriced for the items included and they were very late with delivery so didn’t even receive it on the birthday.
Very disappointed in this company and would never order from them again!

Great Service

Very prompt delivery and the baskets were great. The customers loved them!! Will order again!!

Red Wine Gifts
F. Bratty
Terrible Customer Service

This was ordered as a gift - they delivered it to their own warehouse and after many emails they told me it would be resent. Took a month to get to the destination - bottle has been opened and had leaked, it was taped shut!!!!! must have been left in -30 temperatures over christmas. yes they will refund but how does that make up for the embarrrassment of my company sending this to a customer? I had another delivery where the wine bottle was missing and because our customer did not take a picture of the box contents when they opened it (who does that???) I'm being told there's nothing they can do! You can't speak to anyone - just basic emails from CS people. Won't shop there again!

Healthy Salad Bowl Basket
Madeleine Wieder
Horrible experience

I ordered the healthy salad basket that comes (supposedly) in a bamboo salad bowl, and with salad utensils. Not only did the fruit arrive in a flimsy basket, but the cellophane had come open during shipping. The fruit had spilled out, and most of it was crushed, bruised, and rotten. Only a few apples and half the pineapple were edible. Since I hadn't ordered next day, or two-day delivery, the company wouldn't do anything for me, in spite of the fact that the damage to the fruit was done when their packaging failed during shipping. I will certainly not be ordering from Good4you again.

Why is this tagged Chinese new year?

In chinese culture this is for funeral . If you don't know anything can you not randomly tag things and get someone who knows? :/

Completely different from photo

Chose this because of the presentation but what arrived was not as advertised. Parents showed disappointment at cheap replacement beer mugs compared to the tasteful ones on the display picture.

I sent these to my niece and she liked them.

Custom Beer Gift Baskets
Anita Chhabra
Custom beer gift basket

I’ve ordered for my sons a custom beer gift basket with cake and chocolate. I even requested to deliver it before noon time.

I received the update on start of delivery morning 08:30 am ET and my request was delivered post 05:40 pm ET and cake was spoiled and we couldn’t eat it.
I have complained to the customer support and they asked me to send the pics which I did, however not sure how to send the the spoiled cake which tastes bad. No response since last 5 days.

Criminal - this company is a total scam

Over half my basket was missing. Refused to give me a full refund. Stay away!!

No Pistachios!!!

I didn't get my pistachios and it was one of the reasons I bought this basket.

Not satisfied

Ordered raspberry cake n delivered something else .

Vintage Wine Trio

Company is a scam. My order never got delivered, they stopped responding to my emails. It's all a complete scam. I truly believe all these reviews are fake. I had to file a credit card claim.

Great, fast and amazing service!

Spelling wrong on my cake

Cake is yummy bad thing anniversary spell wrong in my cake I’m not able to upload picture anywhere


We ordered a basket for a colleague who was celebrating his 60th anniversary (12 beers, cheese, bruschetta etc...). Cost us $146.00. Was delivered on time but the beers were all frozen also the cheese. The cap of 8 beers on 12 came out. We notified Hazelton's but told us that they couldn't do anything about this. The package was picked-up on the Friday and sat all weekend in the delivery truck. Very disappointed. I will never recommend this.

Large Chocolate Cake
Raman Kumar
Late Delivery

Excellent Packaging if the cake but delivery was late by 4 days. Birthday was on 19th January and cake was delivered on 24th January.

Terrible service

Will not recommend this company. The customer service is appalling and just downright rude. None of my issues were ever addressed. Delivered this cake late without so much as a sorry or ever updating me on the status. All my complaints were ignored till date.

Beer & Grilling BroCrate
michael freeman
Quite expensive for a few bottles of Beer , sauces and pickles but nicely packaged .

Great delivery. ahead of requested date, Nicely packaged , good selection of contents but a little over priced.

Simple Orchid Gift Box
shannon fleishman

Order was never delivered to accurate address.
I would not recommend.

Didn't get what I ordered

I ordered this subscription as a gift. When I asked the recipient about the gift after it arrived, he said there was only 6 bottles delivered, not 12 like I ordered. He also told me that it had been left on his doorstep and didn’t require a signature like the website advertised. When I called the company, they would not answer my call and the only option was to leave a message. Later that day I received an email asking for pictures of the delivery and condition of the delivery before they could proceed. I returned the email and told them that it had been a gift and no signature was required and he only received the 6 bottles. He was unaware there was supposed to be 12 and so didn’t realize anything was wrong so of course didn’t take pictures. They continued to respond in email referring to their lost/damage policy and since there was no pictures of the delivery, there wasn’t anything they could do. I am expecting 2 more shipments and I had to tell the recipient that when it arrives, take pictures of the box on his porch and with each step as he opens them. I hope I don’t have to report other issues because I feel I will probably get the run around again. This so far has not been a positive experience and I would not recommend using this company. Their customer service is sub par.