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absolutely terrible service bordering on fraud

Ordered a hamper next day delivery for $70 for my parents' christmas present; three weeks later it arrived at the home of a stranger 1500 miles away, who contacted me when they found my phone number inside the box. I complained to Hazelton's who did not reply; it was only after I raised a dispute with my credit card company did they spring into action to send a replacement to the proper recipients. I never received any correspondence or apology from Hazelton's; instead they sent the tracking info of the second shipment to my card company to cover themselves. Hazelton's are incompetent at best, fraudulent at worst. Avoid.


I ordered cake and flower. Instead of cake they delivered gift hamper. Also it was delivered after 5 days instead of 1 day. I am very disappointed.

What i buy is not what they send

What i buy is different from what they send to my bf ?

Not worth it

Absolutely nothing that was delivered was even close to the order that cost hundreds of dollars along with the add ons...will never use again

Never use them!

They have terrible customer service and what I spent an extra 100 getting shipped overnight was delivered 3 days late looking AWFUL!! they then blamed me for an incorrect address that was completely correct!

Too long

It took much too long to fulfil the order. I gave the date I wanted it delivered and it SEEMED that you would be able to deliver it on time. Instead it took several days to begin the delivery and longer to fulfil it.

You should inform your clients if the date requested is too short or unrealistic.

False advertising

I purchased the European Beer Subscription with the understanding that I purchased a six month subscription of 6 "hard to find" beers that were to be delivered monthly. They sent one of the most common Italian beers you can get locally at any beer store, LCBO, or restaurants. To sum it all up, I paid for 6 hard to find beers (which, once calculated comes out to $45.98) and had FOUR Peroni beers delivered (which you can get a six pack of the exact same beer from the LCBO for $14.95). Such a scam; I would not recommend buying. Furthermore, even though I paid for everything in full upon time of purchase, they just sent me another bill for $16.94 with zero explanation of what it is for.

Wrong display of item.

I ordered this basket. Instead of chocolate dipped strawberries, receiver got boxed chocolate candies. I tried to email customer service but no response. It's already been 2 days now. I guess I am never shopping here again.

Hello I actually talked with the person to whom I had the subscription sent to and she has not received any of the ciders ? And I figure she should have seen two by now Pat Kirsh at 13010 ne st Kirkland Washington 98033 Is her address if you could please contact me

Horrible Experience

I ordered chocolate covered strawberries (upgraded amount) and champagne (upgraded). I got the standard champagne and a small bag of candy (12 pieces). I'm still waiting for a check for the champagne. If they can't give me what I ask for, I expect an email or call. I was so embarrassed that this is what my daughter got when the package was opened. And there is no live person to call when there is a problem. Only email. I'm very disappointed in this company.

Buyer Beware

Ordered the Starbucks Coffee Lover’s Basket, there was not one single item that matched the description including the basket. Their policy states minor substitutions not a completely different basket. The Starbucks basket looked very classy, the one I received was so cheap looking. Customer service does not exist with this company. You are not able to ever reach anyone by phone and when they respond by email they just say we have the right to substitute: This company is a total fraud as they advertise one thing and send you something completely different!. Do not recommend this company and will never order again.

Quick delivery.

False advertising

I picked Hazelton because the website said I would be able to get same day service to West Hartford, CT. Not only was it not delivered the next day (my order missed the cutoff), it took nearly a week to arrive! The basket I custom made was nice, but it was delivered 5 days late. I even chatted as soon as I placed my order to confirm when it would be delivered and was told the following day. When it didn't arrive I wrote a letter of complaint, asking to have my shipping refunded because of this and was told my request was being forwarded. I have yet to hear back from whatever department it was forwarded to. I will never order from here again.

No delivery

This poinsettia was intended to be part of a birthday gift for mid-December. It was not received. A second attempt was made to send a replacement poinsettia after Christmas. It was also not received. I'm very disappointed with the failed delivery of this item.

Complete rip off

They did NOT deliver what was sold and promised. Instead of chocolate strawberries it was just a box of chocolates. The most upsetting and disappointing was that I paid extra for a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial and they sent my friend a bottle of cheap cava! This is the worst delivery service I've ever used and will not be using them again.

Very disappointed, I sent this gift to my Son and his partner as they recently got engaged. I had also ordered 2 balloons (1 Congrats, and 1 Engagement) which the engagement one did not arrive, and the wooden crate with the gift was badly broken.
Not happy at all.


As the title explains, we placed an order for a friends birthday (who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on January 2nd 2020 and paid for the order but it wasn't processed until january 7th @ 830pm. We called Hazelton's multiple time and every single time we remained in the queue for over 30+ minutes (we called 9 times to cancel the order at this point). Furthermore, we emailed Hazelton's to the email address listed on the order but it came back undeliverable. Also, we were not able to track the shipment (via the suggested app "Arrive") until Jan 9th when the package apparently arrived in Lyndhurst, NJ. From that point on we called Capitalone to dispute the order as it was well past the suggested delivery window but, we did continue to call Hazelton's to reach anyone to no avail. Tracking details started updating in the app until January 14th when the app notified us that the package was out for delivery in Lauderhill, Florida (NOT Fort Lauderdale - the intended destination). After this update we received the following update 8 minutes later "Merchandise is missing, UPS will notify the sender with additional details (which we never received). / All merchandise missing, empty carton discarded. UPS will notfiy the sender with details of the damage." To this day there were no calls or emails or texts from eith UPS or Hazelton's and all updates regarding shipment ceased and to this day we have no idea what happened. This is most definitely the FIRST and LAST time we are ordering anything from Hazelton's. Customer service is abysmal and apparently orders & deliveries are suspect and highly unrealiable. Buyer Beware! After this experience I question the validity of all the 5 star reviews. I guess if it seems to good to be true or most likely is. Hazelton's ORDER# HU518507.


Delivery was 6 days late, and completely wrong! Wrong flowers, wrong balloon and wrong cake! Customer service was absolutely horrendous and no help at all. Save your time and money and don’t order from here!

Poor Logistics

Poor logistics!! defy the purpose or importance of the day!
I ordered on January 7, 2020 to deliver to Chicago on January 9, Hazelton handed over order to the FEDEX on January 9 and reached Chicago on 13th JAN. Pathetic show, will not recommend to use for future orders.


Ordered a very expensive basket that included wine for my father's retirement. Paid up for rush, next day delivery. No deliver. Customer service is a joke. Don't even waste your time calling. On hold three times for over a half an hour. I don't think there is a call center. Several emails later, the basket was finally send two weeks later and received almost three weeks later. I cannot get a refund on the expedited shipping charges as nobody will respond. NEVER AGAIN!

Never got product, never got refund

Scam Alert
horrible service, delivery was for Jan 2, its Jan 23, still no product, no refund, no apology, nothing
if we could give lower than zero I would.

Avoid this company

Ordered the Footballer for the European Beers and what got delivered was not that. Old Milwaukee, coors light, Molson xxx Showed up in the basket, missing a cheese.
Very disappointed when I asked the recipient how they enjoyed the beers and cheeses. After seeing a picture of what showed up much later than it was said to be delivered, I was disgusted. I should have read the reviews about this company. Thanks for being so dishonest and sending a half ass basket with charging an exorbitant price. Shame on you.

Great Beer

I had my first delivery and was surprised at how good the craft beer was.

Beer Box Arrival

I Just received a Beer Box from my Daughter and family in New Zealand.
It was a great surprise of different beers and snacks.
Due to the weather in Edmonton it arrived nice and cold.
The only issue is that the bottom of the wooden box had split and almost came
off when I lifted it out of the carboard box. Could have been a disaster on the floor.
but didn't and was saved thanks to my wife paying attention.
Just be careful.as the veneer is very light and probably for shipping..
It was labeled Fragile on the boxes.


If I could give ZERO stars I would. The gift basket was in such horrible condition that the client I sent it to called me to insist I get a refund.

I'm still waiting to hear back from their customer service department for a refund. I've sent two emails in a week and I have heard absolutely nothing. It's the only option I have since when you call the toll free number listed on the website, it's a voice message saying to email them. Ugh! Here's the email I sent...

I need a full refund of my order as soon as possible.

I placed an order with your company for the first time on January 8, 2020. It was intended as a thank-you gift for a brand new customer. Instead, it was an embarrassment. The gift basket was unacceptable for several reasons:

• The shipment was late. Delivery was for the 9th and it didn’t arrive until the 16th.
• The wine, which was an upgraded bottle, was missing from the package.
• The cheese was melted and moldy.
• The shipment box was damaged.
• The invoice with all pricing was included in the box.

I have to emphasize how ridiculous it is that the gift basket was in such poor condition, had missing expensive items AND the invoice with private information was included. I trust that you will act quickly to resolve this unsatisfactory experience and refund the credit card used immediately.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

I'm still very upset about this experience. I'll never use Hazelton's again.