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Custom create ordered... but no crate? Plastic delivered instead

Brocrates need to make it VERY clear that the gifts won't be delivered in a crate. It was delivered in a plastic wrapping. Not what I wanted delivered for someone's birthday overseas.


Where do I begin on how dissatisfied and disappointed in your company.  I ordered a Mothers day basket for delivery on May 7th and she has yet to receive it.  You advertise 2 business day delivery and I ordered this product on May 1st giving you plentiful of time to accommodate my request.

I understand you use 3rd party companies for delivery but regardless I order from you and your promiss for delivery has not been fulfilled.

Your customer service line never answers and to communicate with Canpar I need to wait on hold for 30 min + to get service where every time I'm promised it will be delivered same day and if not I will get a call.  NO CALL NO DELIVERY.  At this point the items in the basket will no longer be good and we will have perished.  

I expect a full refund for this basket right away.

I am no longer wasting my time calling a delivery company that you hired and given the run around.


Nathalie Tulliano 

Rotten fruit

My mom was sent an unassembled basket of rotten, moldy fruit that arrived 4 days after it was to be delivered. I've called and left messages and contacted customer service online with nobody returning my messages. The fruit wasn't cut or arranged in any way. It was just lobbed into a bag and stuffed in a box that was a dented mess. They sent it UPS. I am very upset. This was supposed to be a Mother's Day gift.

Mother’s Day order NOT delivered on Mother’s Day

This is the first time I tried New York Blooms and they did not deliver my Mother’s Day gift to my mom last Sun. It’s been 2 days after Mother’s Day, and it still hasn’t been delivered. I followed up and they replied that because of COVID-19, there has been a dramatic influx of orders and some orders may inevitably be delayed by as much as 1-3 business days. This is unacceptable. I’ve ordered from various vendors globally since the pandemic started, and all my orders have been delivered on time. The world has been in this pandemic for more than a year now, so they should know by now how to adjust to possible delivery delays. The Mother’s Day gift that I ordered last year from a different vendor was delivered on time and the pandemic has just started then. I put my trust on New York Blooms and they did not deliver. They ruined my Mother’s Day surprise for my mom who I haven’t seen since pre-COVID time. I want my money back.

One star

The plant was damaged beyond saving. The box was mangled and the chocolate was stale. I am just thankful the wine bottle did not break. Very disappointed

Cinqo de Nada

I ordered a cinqo de Mayo gift set for my best friend on her birthday only cause it came with Mexican style stuff and when she went to open it — it had an entirely different balloon, no tortilla chips or dip and looked nothing Mexican.

I also got my mother something for Mother’s Day and it was supposed to be a mother bear and baby bear that said “Baby Girl” on it and she received a valentines bear instead! Not impressed with paying for multiple products that got switched upon arrival and delivery —- horrible.

Wine and cheese basket

This was a poor service. It was delivered three days earlier than asked for ( maybe the fault of delivery service). The wine glasses were seriously mismatched and I had ordered chocolate dipped strawberries which was an extra charge add-on, these were changed to dried mangos and the crackers were all broken. I will NEVER order from this company again!

Smashed Cake and really bad customer service. Too bad because the product is good

I ordered the cake to be delivered as a birthday gift. It arrived late and was crushed on one side. My sister loved the taste though but it was really, really sweet. She loves that type of cake. She lives in Thunderbay and I thought they would source it from a bakery there but they sent it from Etobicoke. Someone from the company should have called to explain this and see if I still wanted to continue with the order. Really bad customer service. I couldn't reach anyone and no one called me back. They only sent emails and they weren't fast.

a disappointing Mother's Day re order TOB737393

My review will probably not be shown but hopefully Bloom's will read it. I have done business with Bloom's before and all has gone satisfactorily. BUT this latest transaction was disastrous. My son wired me flowers from Calif. on Mother's Day. The first problem was the delivery. They kept saying they had been delivered but they hadn't Son David had to harass the company to finally get delivered. Then what was delivered bore no resemblance to what he ordered. Ok, so maybe his gift the Country Garden had Sold out in transition. If that was the case, at least ;you could have sent a bouquet of equal So disappointed in Blooms and their level of customer service. I have sent pictures to your damages and refund lines.could have substituted with another bouquet of equal value. No. somebody rustled together a pathetic 8 flowers which we think are tulips (supposed to be a dozen) but hard to tell. Stems were broken, bulbs had fallen off, green leaves were brown. Honestly it looked like someone had rustled around in the garbage looking for discards. They didn't come in the vase as pictured with a nice bow but rather they added a separate large glass vase which was totally inappropriate. so my next complaint is your method of reporting complaints. Pages of coonditions.....time lines etc. etc.but none accessible. Called your damage phone line....its been 2 days now, never received a response. My son deserves a refund given the expense of wiring flowers.
I sent pictures to your damages and refunds line. Next will be Facebook. Thanks for your attention to this comment. Mary Lou Creechan 416-461-0873

Delivery Error

It has been over a week and my item has still not been shipped... tried to contact someone but I can only leave a message. "Sam" cannot provide an update on where my package is and when it will be delivered.

Mother's Day gift

It did not arrive.


I feel completely duped. I reached out to your customer service email and tried to update mailing, it is not spelled out clearly and the basket arrived 5 days late and in shambles, flowers were dying and all wilted, chocolates were a mess and popped open. This was delivered to the president of our organization. It was horrifying to say the least. When I reached out again, I got a lot of pre written responses like a robot. Horrible customer service. This needs to be made right, the best they could offer was 50%. Your order form is not clear or easy to understand and your customer service is terrible.

Horrible Experience

This was my first time ordering from New York Blooms and it definitely will be my last. When the gift arrived, the plant had been squished during transport, so the presentation was lacking. The strawberries and brie were shipped without any sort of refrigeration, FOR FIVE DAYS, resulting in moldy berries and EXTREMELY soft cheese. I tried to reach the company via email; however, kept getting send error messages. When I called the company, a person didn’t answer, nor was I able to wait on hold to speak with a person. I was forced to leave a voicemail. Not surprisingly, nobody has returned my call.

Mom loved it, but...

I chose for it to be delivered on mother's day, it didn't tell me that day was unavailable, so I was surprised when she didn't get it Sunday. I tracked it, and it was scheduled for Tuesday the 11th. I was frustrated, but wanted to see what it looked like before reviewing. Apparently $40 worth of fruit is a bad Pineapple, two bad kiwis and an acceptable apple. And though I noted she had dietary requirements, she only received nuts (which were fine), and and almond Roca (which she cannot have due to the ingredients). Very disappointed. Will not order again.

The package was delivered on time, and the recipient was very happy with the quantity and the quality - so we were very pleased and would happily use your services again.

Gift was not like the picture.

I ordered 5 baskets for my Sales team and the most substantial part of the gift was substituted out. I was never contacted to let me know this was happening and when I brought it up that I unhappy I received a lengthy email basically saying "too bad, not my problem." I tried calling as well as using the chat but never got anyone live. Terrible customer service experience. Would not recommend.

A scam

My very expensive gift basket never arrived. Good4you never returned any emails or phone messages. Now I have to spend weeks trying to get my money back ($233 !) and my friend did not receive her lovely gift.

Cider delivery

I was excited to gift my friend a cider selection for her birthday. I was disappointed to see they sent angry orchard. For 10$ a can/bottle, I would have expected craft cider not the bud light of ciders that can be purchased anywhere. I hope the coming months improve.

Absolute Joke

This company is a scam, I am absolutely disgusted with the service I have received. The Canadian business bureau will be contacting you, as I am utterly fed up with this so called business.

Horrible gift

1. I ordered this basket weeks ago for a delivery date of Sunday May 9th (Mother’s Day). I never got a notification or an update that it would be delayed and delivered Monday evening.

2. When my mom opened the box it was such a disappointment. There was a small wooden chopping board but NO basket…

3. The red & white roses were dead. I have pictures!

4. The jar of marmalade was broken and everything inside was wet and sticky.

5. I added to the order A GOURMET ITEM: Hummus for my mom since she is gluten intolerant. And it was not delivered with the package.

6. The apples were bruised.

So overall Very disappointed for the amount of money I spent on this gift. They did not deliver everything I paid for or was expecting. I will never order again from this place!

Not what I ordered and it arrived late.

Disappointed. I would have preferred the company be honest with me immediately and could have told me that what I was asking for, was not available instead of just sending random stuff that I never ordered or approved. Please it arrived days after the package was mean to arrive. Timing was important and I wanted an edible fruit arrangement and got a random gift baskets.

Substitutions made, not of similar quality

I was really unhappy with the bouquet delivered. I understand that substitutions may be made without notice, but the expectation would be that the replacement would be of similar value. This was not the case. The replacement bouquet looked extremely cheap, and the macarons I ordered were replaced with coconut macaroons. When I contacted customer service I received no help or acknowledgement of the disappointing service. I will certainly not be ordering from NY Blooms again.

Wrong item received

I ordered these to go along with flowers however I ended up receiving ICED brownies instead of these fudge brownies which was super disappointing because the person I was gifting these to does not like iced brownies.


I ordered for my mom's 80th birthday a custom basket because we could not be with her on her birthday because of COVID!! I ordered custom because she is diabetic and could not have sweets. I sent a bottle of wine, fruit, and crackers and cheese with some flowers.... what she got was a basket with a bottle of wine and flowers in a separate box nothing else!!! when I called to find out what happened I had to leave a message no one ever called!!!!! I will not order again from Good 4 You

Good Idea but not good results

I ordered these for Mother's day to be delivered on 5-8-2021. They arrived early on Wed 5-5=2021, which was no issue however, packaging was not done well and the strawberries were strewn about their containers and were a complete mess. I rearranged the berries and then froze them in hopes they would last until Sunday bit alas, they had suffered to much during delivery and were no longer edible. Hopefully others have a better experience than I did. If it matters Good4You I also took pictures of the items as they were when they arrived to prove the shipping disaster.

Ash R.