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"Filled with Fun" Wine Gift Basket

  • The "Filled with Fun" Wine Gift Basket is a culinary treasure trove designed to please your recipient's palate. An exquisite choice for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or as a thoughtful thank-you gesture, this gourmet gift basket is a delightful find. It showcases a delectable array of items, including mangoes, apples, cherry jam, vegetable antipasto, creamy gouda cheese, cherry chocolate, Canada True Ice-wine black tea, a bottle of wine, shortbread, chips, popcorn, and sesame crackers—all elegantly arranged in a charming basket for a captivating presentation. Enhance your gift by considering additional items like wine, champagne, gourmet snacks, desserts, balloons, and more from our extensive custom options.

    Please Note: This gift basket contains fresh fruits. To guarantee freshness, we highly recommend that an express shipping method (Same-Day, Next-Day or Overnight) be used to ship any order consisting of fruits/chocolate dipped fruits, cakes/baked goods, flowers/plants, cheese, and all other perishable items. If you would like to substitute the fresh fruits with non-perishable alternatives, please mention this in the special instructions.

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    2 Mangos - This delicious tropical fruit has yellow-orange flesh and should be eaten quickly once cut.

    3 Red Delicious Apples - Red Delicious has a sweet but very mild flavor, somewhat reminiscent of slightly over-ripe melon. The flesh is juicy and has a light crispness.

    Greaves Pure Cherry Jam - Hand-picked sour cherries from Niagara farms are pitted and gently cooked with natural sugar and a bit of apple juice to create an irresistible tart, sweet jam you won't soon forget.

    Venetian Vegetable Antipasto - This all natural vegetable antipasto by Venetian Fine Foods. Great with toast, crackers and tortillas. Can be used as in ingredient in many gourmet recipes as well!

    Arla Gouda Cheese - Arla Gouda has a subtle and gentle flavour which evolves into a buttery texture as it ages. Perfect for snacking, in salads, entertaining, as well as an excellent cooking cheese

    Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Cherries - Chocolate Covered Cherries are made with real Cherries covered in gourmet Belgian chocolate. These delicious chocolate covered treats are made in special revolving kettles using only the finest couverture quality chocolate and real fruit centers.

    Canada True Ice-wine Black Tea - This Canada True Icewine Black Tea combines pure premium Ceylon tea with Canadian Ice-wine flavour for a rich and distinctive blend of tea. Ice-wine is a rare and exquisite Canadian treasure. Grapes are naturally frozen on the vine during Canada's winters. So ‚¬¦ provide your taste buds a sipping pleasure any time of the day or evening!

    Bottle of Wine - This gift includes a bottle of red wine. Your recipient will love this wine!

    The Shortbread Bakery Original Gourmet - Can love be expressed through a cookie? If they are smooth delicate gourmet shortbread cookie from The Shortbread Bakery, then you'll instantly taste the love baked in, the moment its bite-sized morsels dissolve on your tongue.

    Hardbite Sweet Spud of Mine Chips - We all love potatoes, right? Good, solid, reliable potatoes. Love ‚¬Ëœem. Then there's taking taters to the next level. Bigger and more colourful, from lightest gold to deepest orange. And totally different taste. Some call them yams, but we prefer to call them sweeeeeet. Because they are.

    Popping Amaizing Popcorn - A simple and delicious snack, our popcorn is fresh, handmade, and sure to please! This caramel corn will hit the spot, no matter when the craving hits.

    Partners Toasted Sesame Tasteful Cracker - Perfect for snacking or elevating your cheese platter, these versatile and delicious toasted sesame crackers from Partners are excellent for your next event.

    Oval Wicker Basket with Double Handles and Red Liner - Add some natural style to the home with willow basket with fabric lining. This beautiful basket is made of wicker, lined with a cloth material with double drop down handles. H - 7", W - 13", D - 9"

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rory Lozano
A lovely gift hamper

We got this basket for my mother-in-law as her birthday present. She was happy with the gift and immensely enjoyed it. She said the basket was one of a kind she received, with all that goodie and fruits together. The basket arrived on proper time and in great condition. Great service; will recommend you to friends.

Meghan Tyler
First order on this site

I wanted a nice gift to send to my family for Christmas and finally chose this one because of the variety of the items in the basket. It was great and my family loved it. Though I did not see it myself, the way my sister spoke about it told me that it was good enough to please her. Thanks for the service. My first experience with this site was great and I would like to give it another try.

Maxwell Frank
fast delivery

The baskets are put together with a lot of thought to content as well as beautiful presentation.

Jaden Ward
beautiful gift!!

This gift was amazing. I had it sent to my Brother and his family in Canada. My sister in law said the fruit was gorgeous and delicious. The variety crackers and cookies she said satisfied everyone's sweet tooth. They loved the wine. Even the container the gift came in was very cute and could be used in the future. One of the BEST GIFT I sent them. Gift giving is hard when you live far apart from family. Hazelton’s is now my favorite for sending gifts. Thank you for a wonderful job and taking great pride in making sure that what we send out is top quality.

Gemma Freeman
good product

Great presentation and quality freshness. The recipients Loved it. Thank you!