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Divine Grapes & Wine Gift Basket

  • Bring joy to someone's day or add a touch of elegance to any celebration with the Divine Grapes & Wine Gift Basket from Monthly Sommelier. This delightful wine gift features a bottle of wine, luscious milk chocolate truffles, a fresh assortment of green grapes and green apples, all presented in a timeless wicker basket. A thoughtful and versatile gift suitable for any occasion. You can also personalize your gift by choosing from our selection of wines, beers, champagnes, gourmet snacks, sweet indulgences, and more through our custom options for a truly unique and tailored gift experience.

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    Wine - Bottle of Wine : This gift includes a bottle of red wine.

    Fruit - 2 Granny Smith Apples: Granny Smith apples are known for their tartness. Juicy, crisp, and tart, this fruit is great for those who don't like things too sweet!

    Fruit - Green Grapes : A bundle of delicious green grapes. Bursting with flavour, these grapes are a true delight worth savouring.

    Chocolate- BOSS Milk Chocolate Truffle Assortment 120g : Delight in the varied selection of milk chocolate enrobed truffles in this excellent assortment from BOSS. 120g

    Basket- Two-Tone Basket Small :The two-tone light and dark wicker of this basket add visual interest to an otherwise very classic boat-shaped basket. It measures 33 x 23 x 9 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mikaela Stott
The presentation is perfect

Impressive - Great value for money. We use this service annually and will continue to do so. Great work!

Robson Mcintosh
Great food

Awesome team and very much responsive which is the most important thing in any business!! Well done!! And this won't be the last!!

Ernest Burnett
Great product and service

This basket was for my old landlady as an early Christmas gift. Though I have moved to a different place, we still keep in touch. The gift was delivered to her on time and she called over to let me know that she loved it. She specially mentioned the packaging of the hamper which she said was absolutely beautiful. Thanks a ton for making my gift a success!

Curtis Kane
It was adorable

We received it as a welcome gift from a couple who was my husband's friend. It was a nice present with a lovely selection of items- fruits, tea, and wine. I found each and every item of it great. My husband also agreed that it was a decent hamper and when given to someone, it would make a nice gift.