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The Tuscany Wine Gift Basket

  • Experience the bold flavours and aromas of Tuscany with The Tuscany Wine Gift Basket. Complete with rich olive tapenade, smooth gourmet cheeses, fine wine, and so much more, The Tuscany Wine Gift Basket is the perfect treat to share and gift for any occasion. The included bottle of wine may be upgraded (some options at no extra cost) and additional items may be added to the basket, see below for more details.

  • Mezzomondo Negroamaro PugliaRed, White, Ice, Sparkling, Fortified and Port Wines - The gift that you have chosen includes an Italian red wine, Mezzomondo Negroamaro Puglia, a delicious and food-friendly wine; this wine will remind you of the amazing reds from nearby Mt. Etna in Sicily with its medium-body, juicy, mouth-watering fruit, saliva-inducing acidity and fine-grained, dusty tannins.

    This wine can be upgraded to any of the wines from Our Wine list (some at no additional cost). The prices of these upgrades are shown in the drop-down list. You can also add a second or third wine or champagne, liquor or beer to create an even more special gift!

    Our Wine List - We have chosen a unique selection of more than 400 wines and champagnes produced in outstanding vintages that include cult status, classic favorites and boutique wineries from the most respected producers from around the world. We are proud to offer Kosher wines in red, white, sparkling and dessert styles. Our sparkling wine list includes blanc de blancs, rosés, and vintage French champagnes. We have made sure to include fan favorites, classic producers as well as the more difficult to source. And our champagnes are just the start – we also have a vast array of sparkling wines from many countries and regions.

    Balsamic Vinegar – San Benedetto Del Tronto Balsamic Vinegar: Made from traditionally, this fine balsamic vinegar is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine. Perfectly served as a salad dressing or companion to bread or crackers.

    Crackers– Hogtown Eats Pepper & Poppy Water Crackers:The cracker is the unsung hero of many an appetizer.  Though a spread or cheese is usually the star of the show, an appetizer can be utterly ruined if the accompanying crackers are too brittle, coarse, or tasteless.  Thankfully, Hogtown Eats crafted the perfect cracker to accompany just about any cheese or spread.

    Glassware– Wine Glass: This basket includes a beautiful red wine glass, perfect for offering a toast or enjoying a rich glass of wine.

    Olives -San Benedetto Del Tronto Vodka & Galic Olives: Rich bold flavour, yet delightfully smooth. San Benedetto’s traditionally seasoned olives are a true delight for the senses, and a treat worth celebrating.

    Crackers – Nejaime’s Lavasch Rosemary Deli Style Flatbread Crackers: Old meets new, these wonderful flatbread crackers are inspired both by traditional middle-eastern cuisine and New York style deli snacks.

    Cheese – Boss Gourmet Cheese:With a soft and spreadable texture, the Boss gourmet is a delicious cheese with an aromatic taste. Spread over any bread or fruit for a more appetizing snack.

    Cheese – Hogtown Eats Gourmet Cheese: Delight in the rich cheese of Hogtown. Rindless and creamy, this delightful cheese is the perfect companion to crackers and a glass of wine.

    Utensil – Cheese Knife: This basket includes a beautifully crafted cheese knife, perfect for slicing and serving rich gourmet cheeses.

    Tapenade – Mrs. Botchild Kalamata Tapenade: Mrs. Bothchild’s traditional style tapenade is a wonderful take on the classic Provençal spread. A perfect spread for toasts, crackers, and cheeses.

    Bruschetta – Delish Olive & Garlic Bruschetta: Celebrate rich flavour with Delish’s Olive and Garlic Brushetta. The perfect companion for crackers or toast.

    Crackers – CaPeachios Peppercorn & Poppy Water Crackers:CaPeachio's famous water crackers are sure to impress and delight. The cracker's subtle notes of seasoning enhance the experience of any accompanying cheese, spread, or charcuterie. CaPeachio's crackers are Kosher, vegan friendly, and GMO free. 125g.

    Board - Wooden Bread Board/Serving Tray: This basket arrives presented upon a beautiful wooden bread board, the could easily double as an attractive wooden serving tray.


Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Poor delivery

Unfortunately this special gift was not delivered to the recipients, instead left for them to find a couple of days later with the glass broken and cheese gone off. Disappointing for what could have been a lovely surprise!

Scam- doesn’t match the pictures. Awful. Don’t order. Extremely disappointed!

I ordered the Tuscany basket. The basket that arrived looked absolutely nothing like the one we ordered. It is so not worth the price - the contents didn’t match the ones stated in the list - no cheese, no spreads etc. It simply had some merci chocolates and wine, came in a very ugly basket with a yellow bow that just looked extremely cheap. This is a total scam and we will take the matter further, as this is absolutely unacceptable. It had a merci chocolate bar, a few Roche sweets (not even in the original packaging!!!!) and a bottle of wine. That’s all. Now go look at the picture the website provides for the Tuscany basket, and the description of contents. Absolutely horrible service and a rip off. Will never order again, please don’t make the same mistake and look at other websites. It also arrived late, and we only got the response from the company after the celebration day, so whet it arrived it wasn’t even relevant anymore. When we requested a refund - they just ignored the email and still delivered it in a couple of days. The person that it was meant for wasn’t even in the country anymore (which I stated in the email!!) Absolutely ridiculous. A service that handles gifts for celebrations should know better. The other comments also look fake which only further proves this website cannot be trusted

Beyond horrible company

It took a month for this basket to be delivered in Toronto - where the company is based. The items were not as described. I tried to cancel it numerous times as it was so long after Christmas but the company was unreachable by phone or email. I'm sure this review will be deleted by this scam company, but if one person sees it before it's taken down, I hope that they are not duped as I was.

George Denoncourt
Very Late - No feedback - No support

Order was super late, didn't get any feedback from anyone, no apology. Literally didn't ship until 2 weeks after Christmas.

Tara Salloum
Terrible customer service

Ordered two gift baskets and added extra items to one of them - which weren't included. I've been trying to reach customer service for over a week with no help/response. The package was also embarrassingly late - wouldn't use this service again.