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Elisa Graham
Deserves 5 stars

Sent this to my dad on Christmas and he loved it. He praised the wine so much that I did not have to think twice before giving it a 5-star rating. Great service.

Savanna Costa
amazing customer service

We thought this was such a good house wine at a local restaurant that we bothered to get its name. Then we found it at monthly sommelier at a bargain price so gave it try at home where it was just as good. This site has really good wines and at a very reasonable price. I have told my friends about you guys when they enquired about where i found this wine, they were very eager to order from you guys. This wine especially was a pleasant surprise for the price. The delivery and the packaging of the wine bottle is very good too. So no need to worry about damage in transit.

Gordon Waller
perfect wine for gifting or for yourself

Let me tell you my comments with a personal observation on this wine. I have enjoyed this wine for that past two years and buy the bottles and boxes in bulk to drink as my daily wine and I mean daily. It has a pleasant fruity nose and nicely rounded richness that makes this a great value wine to drink either with food or alone.

Luke Lamb
will purchase this wine again

This chardonnay was well balanced and medium bodied. The flavor had notes of fresh fruit followed with a smooth finish. I read that this was a great "Tuesday Night" wine, and I was impressed with the quality considering the price. I had ordered this for myself and also as a house warming present for a friend and they quite liked it.

Roman Juarez
It was a gem

I ordered this wine as I wanted to try it out and now I have really developed a taste for this one. It had a floral, peachy nose, medium body with citrus, pineapple flavor and a good finish. I found it perfectly delicious to end a lazy day with and surely would like to have more of it.